Popular Links

FPL Energy Efficiency

See how Florida Power & Light encourages customers to use energy efficiently; and calculate your carbon footprint, your personal impact on the environment -- a big step in fighting climate change.


SFWMD Water Restrictions

What are the current water-use restrictions in your neighborhood, learn about YardSmart lansdscaping, and more water-saving tips.


Federal Rebate Programs

What are the tax credits for air conditioners, water heaters, and other ENERGY STAR appliances? Do I need a special tax form? Are installation costs covered by the tax credits?


'A Clean Sky' Written for Kids

"A Clean Sky" explains the science behind global warming and how children can help. Visit Cascade Pass, a publisher encouraging learning for young girls and exploration in science.


Calculate Your Eco-Footprint

The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food, goods, services, housing, and energy and assimilate your wastes. 


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